Romantik ROEWERS Privathotel

The Thermo Lounge: A relaxing area to regenerate with the help of deep warmth

Perfectly prepared
Before each treatment the enjoyment starts at the relaxing spa area a perfect deep- and muscle relaxation by deep warmth in our innovative Thermo Lounge! We accompany you from the vitambiance reception desk to the relaxing area, where you can perfectly prepare yourself for the coming treatments. The deep warmth giving components of the Thermo Lounge have been especially designed for the vitambiance concept “floating” loungers and a newly developed foot bath facility.
These elements are all nature products, which are created to keep the warmth and they are constructed out of ergonomically formed large area ceramics, which can be used lying or sitting.
Because of the tender deep warmth (32°C) your organism is warmed up in a gentle and appealing way without bothering or irritating your skin. This warm input is not only supporting the relaxation of the whole organism but also influences positively your soul. Accompanied by fresh aromatic mineral water and a wide choice of special vitambiance tea selection you are put into the state of deep relaxation.
The effect of ceramic warmth

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Discharge of tendons and joints
  • Release of endorphins
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Stress reduction and mental regeneration
Just give yourself this time at the Thermo Lounge! We would like you to experience this unique treatment to pamper your body and soul.