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Gourmet restaurant Ambiance: international cuisine and elegant ambiance at the Baltic Sea resort Sellin on the island Rugen

Why it should be refused to us,
to take each opportunity, to make a sacrifice 
for the merry god of hospitality and good food?



Welcome to our several times rewarded gourmet restaurant Ambiance, which invites you with its elegant interior and its exclusive international cuisine. A view into the menu of the gourmet kitchen will give you an extra heartbeat: cod under a sesame nut crust, monkfish medallions on spinach with saffron mousse and a duet from the Irish lamb with mildly smoked celery cream. Enjoy looking forward to experience a refined, innovative cuisine with passion.


From the gourmet restaurant Ambiance you have a fantastic view on the historic Wilhelmstrasse and on the hotel terrace, where you also may enjoy your meals in summer.


Open daily from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.